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This page is provided to help you track your progress in 6.009, and to help make sure you are completing the necessary course work.

Please note the details of our Grading Policy when thinking about the values below, and note that, while this page is provided for your information, it should not be construed as a guarantee about your final grade in 6.009. Note also that intermediate values on this page may be displayed in a rounded form, but they will not be rounded when actually computing your final grade.

Later in the semester, this page will begin displaying the likely effects of automatic extensions on your grade.

If you feel that anything below is not accurate, please feel free to reach out to 6.009-instructors@mit.edu.


Grade Component Weight Score
Average Lab Score 40% 0.0000
Quiz 1 15% None
Quiz 2 20% None
Quiz 3 25% None

Note that the lab average above is based on labs whose checkoffs have come due, not of all labs that have been released.

Lab Scoring Details

Automatic Extensions have not been applied yet.

Lab 1 (show/hide details)
Overall: 0 (no checkoff)


Lab 2 (show/hide details)
Overall: 0 (no checkoff)


Lab 3 (show/hide details)
Overall: 0 (no checkoff)


Lab 4 (show/hide details)
Overall: 0 (no checkoff)


Lab 5 (show/hide details)
Overall: 0 (no checkoff)