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Quiz 2 Information and Review

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Table of Contents

1) Logistics

The quiz will be held on April 10th from 7:30 - 9:30 PM.

  • You must sign up for a room in order to take the quiz. There are multiple rooms for the quiz; you may choose the room that works best for you, space permitting. If you have a conflict with this time, see below.

  • The quiz covers material from lectures/tutorials whose associated labs were already due.

  • You will need your laptop and, if necessary, a power cord, to work on the quiz during the quiz session. If you're likely to need to plug-in your laptop during the session, please choose a room with wall outlets.

  • You will only be able to access the quiz once a staff member has checked you in at the start of your chosen session.

  • The quiz mechanics are similar to those for a lab. At the start of a quiz session you'll download a zip file with the necessary files including unit tests. You'll have 120 minutes to finish your coding and submit your quiz.py file online using the upload box on the quiz page. As with labs, you can submit multiple times. Note that submissions will be disabled at the end of your quiz session so please submit before the end of the session. Once the system indicates your submission is queued for testing, you're all set; you don't have to wait for the tests to complete.

  • The quiz is closed book and closed Internet. The only materials you are allowed to access are those included in the .zip file and the quiz webpage on the course website. It is not permitted to search online for answers, access other course materials including labs from this or previous terms. It is against the collaboration policy to discuss the exam with anyone until after the resubmission deadline of Monday (April 15) at 10pm.

  • If your quiz.py doesn't pass all the tests or you want to revise your earlier answers, we invite you to continue to work on the quiz over the weekend and resubmit it to the "Quiz 2 Resubmit" assignment.

    • The resubmit process is an extension of the quiz, so the quiz rules apply: closed book, closed Internet, no help from staff or other students, no searching online, no accessing other course materials.

    • The Resubmit assignment will be available for submissions starting at 8am on Friday, April 12. The deadline for resubmissions is Monday (April 15) at 10pm. Late resubmits will not be accepted.

    • In order to request a regrade for a question, you will have to submit corrected code that passes all the tests for the question and explain in Python comments your bug or the lack of functionality in your original solution. You will earn some points back (but always less than full credit) as partial credit, based on staff review of your new code. In your submission, please indicate the nature of your original bug and your fix. That will help us award partial credit more efficiently and correctly. Over the following days, the staff will then review your new code and explanations, and we will announce when regrades have been completed and are reflected in your gradesheet.

2) Conflicts and Accommodations

  • If you have a direct conflict with an MIT class or extracurricular such that you are unable to attend the scheduled time, please e-mail 6.009-instructors@mit.edu to discuss the possibility of taking a conflict quiz.

  • If you require accommodations for the quiz (with a note from SDS), please e-mail 6.009-instructors@mit.edu as well (even if you have already talked with a staff member). Different rooms will be provided but you will still need to signup for a room.

  • Students with approved conflicts will be able to sign up for a room for different times on April 11. Viewing the page requires approval.

3) Practice Materials

Practice materials for the quiz are now available:

  • Practice Quiz A, Practice Quiz B, and Practice Quiz C are intended to be representative of the length and scope of a regular quiz. We strongly suggest working through them in as authentic an environment as possible (i.e., with a time limit of 2 hours, and without access to external resources).

  • We also have a set of Practice Problems from previous quizzes.